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Updated: Jun 21, 2018

“Rolf is an extraordinary speaker who understands the value of communicating an organization’s mission and vision. He speaks with compassion, intellect and sincerity.” Paul Viviano, CEO, UC San Diego Health System
“Thank you for making the MDMA Annual Meeting such a memorable event. Your inspiring story reinforced the importance of innovation in patient care.” Mark Leahey, President & CEO, Medical Device Manufactures Association
“I found your message to be very inspirational both from a professional and personal perspective, and I was very impressed with your knowledge of our industry. Not all motivational speakers do their homework!” John O. Beckner, R. Ph, National Community Pharmacists Association
“In my 12 years of overseeing the School of Medicine Commencement, no one attending has contacted me asking for the Speaker’s written speech, or for a recording of it.  However within one day of your speech, I was contacted by over 10 faculty members with that request, this is in addition to the audience members who asked you in person!  You have a wonderful gift at connecting with an audience. We thank you for inspiring our students on their send-off.” Carolyn Kelly, MD, Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs Professor of Medicine, UC San Diego School of Medicine
“I attended my daughter’s medical school graduation and Rolf was the speaker. Best speech I have ever heard. Ever. Completely authentic, heart-felt, funny and inspirational. Honestly the speech hit it out of the park. We can only hope the graduates took his message of compassion, teamwork and humility to heart, and carry it forward.” Richard Malatt, Los Angeles
“Your ability to speak so directly to the students at the UCSD School of Medicine Commencement Ceremony in a caring, honest manner was wonderful. I have had the honor and pleasure of working with those students for 4 years, and I know they will be the kind of physicians you challenged them to be. Also, the way you tied in your speech to the faculty member being assisted, and it taking a village/family to help patients, was a real world example for not only the students but everyone! Sue Fledderjohn, San Diego County Medical Society
“I was at graduation for Med school this weekend and wanted to tell you that your address to the graduates was fantastic. It is so hard to tell a personal story like you did, and impart it with real meaning. I think all the new grads (and old) will remember your advice and 4 questions! Congrats.” Bill Taylor (Dr. William Taylor, Neurosurgeon, UCSD Medical Center)
“As Rolf Benirschke said, innovation is vital. The real value of preventing and fighting chronic disease is seen through the lives we can save, and improvement in quality of life through therapies that didn’t exist just a few years ago. I look forward to reading Rolf’s book. What an amazing story.” Kassy Perry, President & CEO,


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